Roof Inspection Blackpool

Drone Roof Inspection Specialists in Blackpool.
High definition photo and video roof inspections.
Fully insured and approved by the CAA.

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In Awe Digital Media are Drone Roof Inspection experts and is approved by the CAA to fly drones in commercial and/or built up areas. We can prove unique imagery with reduced risk to human life. Call us now for a no obligation quote on 07446969032

Residential Roof Inspection

We can offer you a roof inspection without the scaffold and without a human climbing up to carry out the roof inspection. We provide video and photography and can even live stream the roof inspection to your roofing contractor.

Commercial Roof Inspection

Drone roof inspection comes at a fraction of the cost and danger, but do not be fooled into thinking this comes at a cost of accuracy. Our high definition camera equipped drones have been proven to give more effective data than the more costly methods.

Industrial Asset Inspection

National infrastructure can often be in hard to reach places. This picture above is only accessible by crane, but we can inspect the asset prior to work commencement, and save you money.

In Awe Digital Media – Approved, Insured, Trusted

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Frequently Asked Questions – Roof Inspection

Yes. We are approved for commercial drone work by the Civil Aviation Authority. This can be checked online at https://publicapps.caa.co.uk/modalapplication.aspx?appid=11&mode=detail&id=7078 and we are insured with FlyCovered to carry out a roof inspection using a drone.
Firstly, we will consider a viability test to check that we can carry out drone flight in your area. We will then do a pre-site brief and risk assessment. We will carry out further risk assessments on site and then commence flight, taking high definition roof inspection pictures and video.
A drone is like a high powered flying camera. Our drones have 4K video and high definition photography capabilities. We can position the drone in a multitude of angles to make sure we get the right images for your roof inspection.
We notify your neighbours prior to commencing flight, and although it can be a little loud (it sounds a bit like a big bee 🐝 ) when taking off, it is certainly less obtrusive than erecting scaffolding to inspect your roof.
We can fly for roof inspections as high as we can see. Generally, drones are limited to 400ft, but if we are carrying out a roof inspection on your property, as long as we keep within 15 metres of the building and we can see it, we can gather the roof inspection data we need. Just for reference, 400ft is how high the glass floor is at Blackpool Tower.
We are the drone flight professionals. We provide the imagery needed for your roofing professionals to make a report.
So long as we have access and permission to be there, we don't require you to be on site. Although many of our customers like to watch. This is fine too.
We can cover the whole of the North of England.

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