CAA Registered

We are registered to operate our drones by the Civil Aviation Authority, in line with legislation laid down in CAA CAP 722. We take huge pride in our approved status, and invite you to check for us on the CAA CAP 1361 (number 6399 to save you time).

We are fully insured by Flock, part of the Allianz group, so basically we’re like the FC Bayern Munich of Blackpool drone flyers.

We have been flying our aerial photography platforms for years now, and our experience shows when it comes to safety. Every job has a detailed risk assessment and flight plan completed prior to us showing up on site. This is then coupled by a dynamic on site survey, studying meteorological data and assessing hazards not previously found.

We take safety seriously. We take pride in our unblemished crash or fly away status, and firmly believe that as drone flyers, it is our responsibility to carry out sufficient pre-flight checks and processes to avoid tarnishing our record or reputation.


We can currently operate our drones as close as 50 metres from objects ‘not under our control’ and fly as high as 400ft (imagine looking through the glass floor at the top of Blackpool Tower)

Thats not to say we cant get close to your roof to have a really good look at it. We are experts in bringing buildings, people and other occurrences under our control to make sure that our drone flight complies with all legislation. Thats not to say you always need to be so close, as the camera’s mounted to our drones are 4K definition at a minimum.

Additional Safety Measures

We aren’t scared of donning a hi-visibility jacket or popping some cones out to ensure that our operation is safe. We have full PPE and have developed a COVID-19 compliant risk assessment to ensure everyone’s safety.

We are able to operate our drone within Airport Flight Restriction Zones, and have developed good relationships with local airports to enable this.

We can fly at night, and have a full set of procedures to ensure a safe aerial photography mission.