In Awe Digital Media are a company providing drone photography in Blackpool using professional pilots with years of experience of safe drone operations and high definition, high quality cameras. This guarantees clear, professional images for your drone photography specifications.

Choosing In Awe Digital Media for your drone photography in Blackpool will make considerable savings opposed to contracting a helicopter or plane for your drone photography in Blackpool. Our unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones, can manoeuvre in a variety of directions to achieve different frames and angles of drone photography, the likes of which have never been seen, and would not be achievable with other forms of aerial photography.

Technological advancements and have granted thermal cameras to be mounted to drones for inspection and surveying work. This enables buildings, livestock and utilities to be photographed and inspected with increased safety and precision.

Consider In Awe Digital Media to be your ‘go-to’ for a price efficient solution to your need for drone photography in Blackpool.

Drones can be used to inspect infrastructure in high detail with low risk.
Drones can be used to inspect infrastructure in high detail with low risk.

Drone Photography in Blackpool

Using drones has made accessing a site or structure and obtaining detailed photographs much easier. The current UK drone laws allow us to operate our drones up to heights of 400ft (122 metres) and take photographs and videos from a variety of different perspectives. Each drone is flown by an experiences operator who has completed training ratified by the Civil Aviation Authority, who govern the skies in the UK. We are proud of our Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO) granted to us by the CAA and openly publicise our ID number, 6399. You are able to check for legal drone operators on the CAA website

Our drones have a flight time of around 20 minutes per charge, allowing for drone photography flights all day on site using multiple batteries and charging rigs when required. We are also able to fly at night within our permissions to provide drone photography in Blackpool and surrounding areas.

The drone photography or video taken by our drones and experienced operators can be provided for our clients within days of the site visit, subject to further editing requirements. Our drone can take off from site, rather than being subject to deployment from auxiliary airfields similar to manned aviation.

We are fully insured, and can tailor our Public Liability on a job by job basis, so you can rest assured that safe and legal drone photography in Blackpool is being provided by our specialist drone operators.

Drone photography inspection of a wind turbine
Drone photography inspection of a wind turbine

Drone Photography in Blackpool

Our UAV specialists work with many different clients who need drone photography and drone videography for inspections, promotional material or monitoring. Construction companies may need drone photographs of a construction site, or potential construction site taken at varying angles or repeated intervals. This will enable the construction client to monitor the progress of a project, or use the drone photography to determine suitability of a particular site for a construction project.

Estate agents are increasingly using drone photography in Blackpool to provide breathtaking, high quality images for the production of brochures and use on social media platforms. Drone photography has been used to generate leads for an estate agent and increase saleable value and interest in a property. Aerial photography by drones is an excellent way to present to the client the size of a property and its surrounding areas.

Structural inspection of a property by using drone photography is useful to insurance or property development companies, but this has, in the past, been expensive and laborious. Drone photography offers property developers and insurance companies a chance to bypass the high costs of scaffolding and work permits. It also reduces risk as there is no need to send humans to high locations such as roofs. Drone photography in Blackpool can offer a a faster, more cot effective and safer solution to your need for site images in high quality.

If you are looking for an opportunity to promote, research or monitor a construction site, contact us and let us assist you in a safer, more efficient way. Go to our services page to learn more about what we do with drone photography in Blackpool and how we can help you.

You can fill out the contact form below with your business details and a brief description of the drone photography you need. Our friendly team will be in touch to answer any questions you may have about drone photography in Blackpool.


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