In Awe Digital Media can provide aerial photography in Blackpool with professional pilots who have years of experience safely operating drones with high quality, high definition cameras. This ensures that you receive clear and professional images to meet your specifications.

Picking In Awe Digital Media’s drones for your aerial photography in Blackpool is significantly financially beneficial than hiring a helicopter or plane for your aerial photography in Blackpool. Our drones can move in many different directions and achieve angles of aerial photography that seem almost impossible.

Modern technology has granted drones to be equipped with thermal cameras for inspection and surveying work. This allows buildings, livestock and utilities to be photographed and inspected with increased safety.

Allow In Awe Digital Media to provide you with a low cost solution to your aerial photography needs in Blackpool.

Aerial Photography in Blackpool

Aerial Photography in Blackpool

Accessing aerial photographs of a site or structure has become much easier using drone photography in Blackpool. Our drones can reach heights of 400ft (122 metres) and take photographs and videos at a multitude of angles. Each drone is flown by an experienced pilot who has completed the CAA approved training. We have a CAA Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO) and our ID number is 6399.

Our drones last for about 20 minutes per battery capturing your aerial photography and with multiple batteries and charging rigs, we can last on site all day if required. We can also provide night time aerial photography in Blackpool.

The aerial photographs or video from our drones can be presented to the client within days, depending on further editing needs. Our drones can be deployed on site, rather than needing to fly in from auxiliary airfields like helicopters and planes.

We are fully insured, so you can rest assured that legal drone photography in Blackpool is in safe hands with our specialist drone pilots.

Aerial Photography in Blackpool

Aerial Photography Blackpool

Our professional drone pilots work with a variety of clients who need need for aerial photos and aerial video footage for inspections, promotional material or monitoring. A construction company may require aerial photographs of a construction site, or potential construction sites taken at a variety of angles or at frequent intervals. This enables the construction company to monitor the building project for progress, or use the aerial photography to ascertain suitability of a site for a potential construction project.

Estate agent aerial photography is a popular new trend. Estate agents need high quality aerial photography images for the creation of property brochures. Aerial photography in Blackpool has been used to generate leads for estate agents and improve the saleability of a property. Aerial photography taken by drones is ideal for highlighting properties and their surrounding areas. This used to be a costly process by using manned aviation but drones are able to provide a much more flexible and cost effective solution to an estate agent’s aerial photography needs in Blackpool.

Insurance or property development companies have been offering a structural inspection service, which has previously been expensive and laborious. Aerial photography in Blackpool enables insurance of property developers to bypass the costly scaffolding and work permits. It also increases safety accessing high locations such as roofs. Aerial photography in Blackpool in a faster, safer and more cost effective solution to achieve high quality site images.

If you are looking to promote, monitor or research a building or site, contact In Awe Digital Media and let us do the work for you. Fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page, filling in your business details and an outline of the aerial photography service you require. Our friendly team would be happy to answer any questions in relation to your need for aerial photography in Blackpool.

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