At In Awe Digital Media, we are the go to north west drone flyer for your project. We have conducted many projects over the north west and beyond, from roof survey in Rochdale to telecoms reconnaissance in Manchester and Warrington. 

We set ourselves apart as the expert drone flyers not just by our incredible ability with drone control, aerial photography and drone videos but also with our great customer service. We have trained hard over our careers to deliver unrivalled customer service, understanding that communication is key. 

Drone flyer roof survey in Rochdale

We recently have been working closely with local constructors to deliver site progress photos for a flagship development. Our expert drone flyer experience coupled with our customer service has lead to further work on more of their developments, including time lapse photography and drone roof inspection missions. 

It’s has been a busy year for a north west drone flyer business like ourselves, with the global COVID-19 pandemic not causing a great deal of disruption to our business plan. The first lockdown back in March showed a complete pause on our north west drone flying, but as soon as people had managed to assess the risks of virus transmission, they quickly saw the benefit of sending a drone flyer to do the work for them. By law we are obligated to keep the drone 50 metres away from anyone or anything not under our control, so social distancing for the drone and drone flyer has not been a problem. 

Site progress in Blackpool

We can offer

  • Aerial photo and video
  • 360 Imagery
  • Construction progress
  • Time lapse video
  • Roof surveys and site surveys
  • Promotional video
  • Wedding video

See our services page to find out more about how we can use aerial photography to help your project in the North West.