What is aerial photography?

Over the past few years we have seen technological advancements and more available drones and aerial photography platforms amongst other airborne devices leading to a growing interest in aerial photography. Using drone imagery within your project can add unique visual perspectives to capture fuller imagery from above, but it isn’t just plain flying, and will more than likely require hiring a professional aerial photographer.

A professional providing your aerial photography services with possess the knowledge and equipment required to create stunning visual imagery for your project. You need to be confident that your aerial photography service provider can deliver high quality, well composed and edited, ready to use photos or video to enhance your project.

Aerial Photography in Manchester


It seems nowadays that everyone and their dog has a drone, but to find the correct local aerial photographer you’re your project, you will need to understand exactly what you are looking for to ensure a successful relationship and drone photography project. There are many decisions that will ultimately lead to the selection of an aerial photographer, giving you the control to ensure that your drone imagery is perfect for your project. We encourage you to research various options to understand the limitations and delivery scope of your aerial photography.

Who is using aerial photography?

The use of aerial photography has risen in the real estate industry. We have been using our aerial photography platforms on new build housing projects to give developers and stakeholders a unique, aerial perspective to monitor progress. Further along in the project the aerial photographs will be emailed to the home buyers to assist with creating an emotional connection with their new build home. Whether a large site spanning many homes, apartment buildings or commercial construction projects, hiring an aerial photographer can add interesting video or photographs to bring your project to life, especially on social media.

Aerial photography is also seeing a rise in different sectors, such as weddings. When you are spending near to a small fortune on beautiful surroundings, you will want beautiful aerial photography or possibly a wedding video incorporating drone filming to look back at for years to come.

Some great applications of aerial photography are;

  • Event Photography & Videography
  • Surveys & Cosntruction
  • Wedding Photography & Videorgaphy
  • Commercial Photography & Videography

So what drone do I need?

There are many different options when choosing an aerial photography platform. Traditionally, if you wanted aerial photography, this would mean hiring a professional photographer, a helicopter, and a trained pilot. New technologies have allowed for much smaller units to be operated in congested areas taking breath taking aerial images without the need for expensive helicopters. You only have to take a look at the cost of experience days to see that drone photography is often cheaper.

The DJI Matrice 210RTK is a great surveying tool, but would be virtually useless trying to capture wedding photography.

There are also very creative ways that an aerial photographer will get a camera in the air, such as using a long window cleaner like pole, or a kite.

Photo, video or both?

This is a vital consideration before your drone photography session, as you will need to have the correct aerial photographer briefed and ready to go to ensure the correct drone imagery for your project. There is a difference in the equipment required for drone videography compared to aerial photography, and you will need to pick the correct aerial photographer for either, or even both. At In Awe Digital Media, we specialist in aerial photography and drone video, and can achieve both in a single site visit as reflected on our pricing and packages page.

Naturally, bigger drone photography projects will require more time and effort and hence, if you are looking for hundreds of aerial photographs, you should expect to pay more. Your professional aerial photographer will always help to recommend the number of aerial photographs or length of drone video you need for your project. We are experts in drone photography and can manage your photo and video requirements from start to finish if need be.


Your expert aerial photographer will need the location of your aerial photography project at a very early stage in the process of booking. This is due to the planning considerations of drone photography. Drone photographers are law bound in the UK by certain restrictions. It doesn’t mean we are prohibited from flying everywhere, but there are certain considerations when planning your drone photography project. We need to apply for permission to fly in close proximity to airports, power stations and prisons. It makes sense really, but this can add time on to planning. It may also be beneficial to look for a local professional aerial photographer, so that you are less likely to be paying them to drive to and from the location. We operate a 25 mile no travel costs policy, and very reasonable 50 mile travel costs.


Booking your aerial photography session is very weather dependent, as the weather can call off the most significant of aerial devices. Just look at the SpaceX manned mission to the International Space Station, and how that was called off for a few days because of the weather. You will need plenty of time on the day of your drone photography booking to ensure that your aerial photographer can compose the correct photographs or video for your project. We have based our aerial photography pricing with guides as to how many images to expect, which includes editing following the session.


It is vitally important that you choose an aerial photographer with heaps of experience. Problems can, and do arise on the day, and you will want your aerial photography session to deliver as much value as possible. What you are looking for is someone who’s been there, seen and done that and bought the t-shirt. Generally an experienced aerial photographer will also deliver better drone imagery, as they will have a greater understand of photography principles and understand how to get the best shot.


Make sure you check our your aerial photographer’s portfolio, or online gallery of aerial photographs. You need to be satisfied that these meet the standard of aerial photography you need, as these will be comparable to what you will receive.

At In Awe Digital Media, we have over 4 years of safe flights, and multiple aerial photography projects under our belt. We believe we’re safe to rely on, so check out our portfolio.

To summarise

You can use aerial photography to really help your project stand out. You ideally want someone experienced, local, professional and personable. We feel at In Awe Digital Media, we are the expert aerial photographers that fit all of these categories, so please check out our gallery pages, and consider us to be the aerial photographers for your project.