Drone Filming

During the lockdown period, I have spent a lot of time practicing my drone filming. The COVID-19 lockdown provided a great opportunity for drone filming, as the towns and cities were empty. Whilst this did lead to some less than legal drone filming, we as a legal, insured, Civil Aviation Authority approved drone operators made sure that we didn’t fall foul of any laws. In actual fact, we stumbled across a police handover meeting right in front of Blackpool Tower whilst taking stunning aerial video and drone photography.

drone filming
Police handover on the comedy carpet

The sound of the police

We were more than happy to chat with the police officers, once the drone filming platform was firmly on the ground, who were inquisitive and well informed on drone legislation. There have been a few visits from the police to people who have been operating their aerial photography platforms in contradiction to the law, and they wanted to make sure a fair approach, and also give themselves a chance to test their knowledge. As you probably know, I am always more than happy to talk about drones, and duly obliged them in friendly discussion.

My increase in drone filming recently has brought some great photos of an empty and very clean Blackpool, and this has lead to a great opportunity for my drone filming to be featured on a music video for the record label, Sony Music.

I have taken good advantage of early mornings and late nights, much to the behest of my better half, who thinks I’m crazy getting up at 3.50am to be on the beach to capture the sunrise.

drone filming
Stanley Park at 5am

A hair above the rest

The lockdown period has actually been quite kind to me and provided some great opportunities, such as a local barber has finally found a break in bookings to have the opportunity to move premises, and what a move it was. He asked us to provide a video with drone filming included to showcase his amazing new premises.

Fly it to the wall

We have started offering printed photography, and have an online store for you to purchase high quality giclee prints on 260gsm paper. We tried a few different printers, and trust me on this, we picked the best.

We are taking bookings and filling up the diary quicker than ever before for drone filming and aerial photography. Have you considered how we might be able to help you or your business? Get in touch