Drone Photography

I have been dreaming of drone photography for a long time. Even before the ‘launch’ of the quadcopter, I would spend my Saturday afternoons in Red Bank Models, an RC shop in Blackpool. I was dreaming of taking flight with an RC Helicopter. I had it all planned out. I was going to get a job, and spend all my money on them. The prices they quoted were just out of reach for a 10 year old.

drone photography
Drone Photography of Blackpool Tower

Sadly, time passed on, and although I pretty much demanded my local newsagent gave me a paper-round at 13 I found other things to spend my money on. It wasn’t the best that I picked up my £7 from delivering the Blackpool Gazette and walked straight over the road to a cycle shop where my £7 quickly disappeared. The good news was, my bike was looking cool.

The RC helicopters, and the Matrix phone just seemed too expensive. It would take almost an eternity to save for them. Drone photography wasn’t even something I even knew I wanted yet.

The weeks turned into months, the months into years and I always found something that needed my money more than the pursuit I had dreamed of as a young boy.

A new phenomenon

Then, in the early 2010’s a new phenomenon caught my eye. Quadcopter’s, and not just that, those with camera’s attached, and my interest in drone photography was created. I thought these were so clever, as you had the stability and the camera and could get some great views through the lens of a camera.

drone photography
My wife wanted a cat. He’s alright I suppose

The story goes that the wife wanted a cat, and I wanted a drone, so we compromised and got a cat. Well, she wanted another cat so my drone photography begun.

I quickly took to the skies and developed a greta passion for drone photography which has since developed into terrestrial photography and videography. I now enjoy all types of videography and photography, but especially enjoy site photography and drone inspections.