Aerial Photography – The Glamour

Take up aerial photography they said. It will be so glamorous they said. Just a side note, nobody ever said that. Most of the drone photographer types are the geeky type, and I would say here at In Awe Digital Media, we’re no different. Not in that respect anyway.

We love anything that flies (thank you Wright brothers) and especially love aerial photography.

aerial photography
A nadir (top down) shot of the site

We recently did a job that held absolutely no glamour. The job specification was to go half way up a hill in Burnley, Lancashire and take some photographs of the site of a new mobile phone mast using our aerial photography platforms.

The Plan

Planning was easy, and we liaised with some really helpful people at Burnley Golf Club to allow us the permissions to use their land for take off and landing. They forewarned the green keepers of our operations, so there were no issues in our being there on the day. As it turned out, public access, which was scheduled to be a minor problem in the day to day operation of our UAS (Unmanned Aerial System) did not cause any problems at all, due to the golf course being closed due to snow.

The Weather

The snow, and weather in general did happen to be a problem though. When we arrived on site, there were heavy sleet showers and we were worried that our aerial photography mission would need to be aborted. Luckily, in Lancashire for the past month or so, the weather has not been able to make its mind up at all. So we completed all pre site checks and risk assessments, and checked over the UAS from the relative comfort of the van, and then we waited for a break in the snow. We decided that the best platform to use for this specific operation would be the DJI Mavic 2 Pro.

aerial photography
DJI Mavic 2 Pro

There were a few little breaks, but sometimes you just get the feeling that it isn’t going to be long enough and decide to stay put and hold out. Then as if by magic, the break came, which actually turned out to be a good 30 minute break in the weather, which was more than enough time to complete the drone photography mission and capture the relevant data.

Aerial Photography – The Results

Then it was time to load the data into the laptop and prepare it for delivery tot he client. I often prefer to do this whilst still on site so if there is any need for additional data I can gather it whilst still on site.

aerial photography
360 Panographic Image

Once I had confirmed the data, it was time to drive home and get the kettle firmly on, ready to finalise the paperwork on Drone Desk

If you need some aerial photography, such as mast inspections, roof surveying or site progress photography please don’t hesitate to get in touch