What Can A Drone Survey Do For You?

Bringing in a drone company to help with a drone survey or aerial survey can be beneficial for a variety of reasons. Firstly the drone is much quicker for high access survey needs. No longer do you fill out lengthy risk assessments for surveying, you can use a drone survey to get accurate, reliable data with less fuss.

With risk assessments, comes risk. Using drones can negate large parts of risk when conducting high access surveying. Our UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems) can conduct the aerial survey without putting lives in the balance of ropes.

drone survey
Surveying mobile phone masts at height.

It is also more cost effective to survey by drone. It is no secret that people who work on ropes know the danger they are in and command a much higher cost to deploy. Using aerial photography platforms can lower this cost for you.

Effective Drones

Our aerial photography platforms can conduct a survey or roof inspection in much less time than humans can. We can gather aerial data of a large warehouse’s roof condition quicker than the expensive scaffolders would have the steel unloaded from their truck.

Safety and speed of access means that more and more construction managers, engineers, asset managers and surveyors are using aerial photography platforms for their surveying needs.

drone survey

Surveyors are able to track site progress through aerial photography to ensure that the project is on track, without having to make a costly site visit. This means less time away from the office, meaning not only more time to work, but more productive work can be done.

So What Next?

Get in touch with us here at In Awe Digital Media, and we can discuss ways to reduce your costs and risks whilst increasing efficiency using our aerial photography platforms.

  • Land development photography
  • Damage inspection
  • Site progress
  • Property surveys
drone survey
Chimney pot condition survey.