Drone use has expanded significantly in the previous few years in an assortment of enterprises for a variety of reasons. They work in regions where manned aviation can’t go, when satellite imagery isn’t detailed or convenient enough, or when safety could be compromised. There are significant advantages to using drones for aerial data collection and photo/video requirements when used correctly.  

drone photography
Using drones in construction has saved time and money

Here are a few reasons In Awe Digital Media’s clients trust us to deliver their aerial data.

Drone Photography


  • Using drones keeps your workers away from dangerous situations and mitigates other safety risks.
  • We operate our drones to strict and rigorous safety standards and follow the CAA’s UAS rules and guidelines.
  • Drone are able to navigate above land obstructions and structures or places with unsafe access.
Drone Photography


  • We are able to capture, process and deliver data much quicker than traditional methods such as satellites.
  • Drones operate at a fraction of the cost of manned aircraft.
  • In Awe Digital Media delivers using in house efficiencies to gather data meaning savings that are passed on to you.
  • We manage our projects to reduce downtime and stay on schedule.
Drone Photography


  • Our skilled pilots are able to navigate our drones in difficult to reach areas which would otherwise be impossible to obtain.
  • We are able to capture your project from a multitude of heights and angles within the CAA regulations.
  • Drone photography makes for engaging content and is a useful tool for customers and clients.
Drone Photography


  • We work our clients to ensure we deliver the correct data on time.
  • We are honest and open about the capabilities of drones.
  • Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us.
Drone Photography


  • Present real estate properties in more engaging ways to help sell homes faster.
  • Track inventories with improved precision and speed.
  • Avoid expensive downtime.
  • Submit more accurate bids.

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