With the news that Deidre was retiring, In Awe Digital Media looked for a new team member to fill their aerial photography needs. After a long and thorough recruitment process, we are pleased to introduce you to Mavis.

Mavis, the latest member of our aerial photography team.

Mavis originates from China and her interests are flying and taking crystal clear aerial photographs and aerial video, so we knew she would be a good fit. We invited her in for a trial, and decided that she was the girl for the job. To be totally honest, we were glad that Deidre was retiring, and she was always droning on.

Mavis is already getting on well with the team.

Of course I am talking about a new drone in the fleet. Mavis is a DJI Mavic 2 Pro, with a 20MP camera and a whole host of new features. We’re really excited to getting to work with Mavis as soon as possible, so if you need some aerial photography or aerial videography, get in touch with us. In fact, to celebrate Mavis’ arrival, put the subject line as “Hello Mavis” for a 10% discount.