When my alarm went off at 6am, I moved quickly to make sure that I didn’t wake up the wife, as that would mean game over before I even begun. I took a look out of my window and saw the car, frosted over with the November chill. The car was pointing away from the house, meaning that the exhaust fumes would go into the house when I tried to defrost it. I was tired, and all the signs were telling me to stay in bed. I pressed snooze.

Then, I felt a warm sensation around my nose. Great. I was having a nose bleed. 

I got out of bed to get some tissue to stem the bleeding and in that moment, realised that I am up and awake. Let’s just get on with it.

My drone bag was prepped the night before, as usual and all the pre planning was done, so I grabbed a snack for breakfast and jumped in the car. 

Blackpool Tower Sunrise

I arrived on site, and it was cold. BBC weather told me it felt like -3. I wasn’t in a position to disagree. Without gloves my hands were going to be forming icicles. 

I surveyed the area ready to take off, and found a suitable drone launch area. The tide was coming in quickly which would mean for some over water shots. 

I launched the drone and checked the screen to see the view. It was at this point that I was glad to have had the nosebleed that awoke me. The views from my aerial photography platform were spectacular, and I merely hoped that my photographs did the morning justice.

I returned home, SD card in hand and loaded the photos into my laptop whilst the kettle boiled. I sat down with a nice hot coffee and had a look at the aerial photographs I had taken. 

Blackpool Tower with angry looking clouds

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