If you are a small business owner, I’m sure i don’t need to preach the importance of social media engagement to you. Gary Vaynerchuk describes social media as “The Current State Of The Internet“. It is important to remember that 80% of people between 23 and 37 use Facebook and over 30 million people in the UK use Facebook ‘several times a day’. So you really need to make sure that, first of all, your business is actually ON social media (start with the basics of Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn) and you are creating engaging content for people to see.

Human attention fascinates me. I spend most of my evenings experimenting with the algorithms of these sites and analysing where is best to put my own content to drive my business. Chances are, if you’re reading this, one of my techniques has worked on you.

But not only do you need to strategise where to put your content, but you also need to create the engaging content. I have discovered that video content is really pushing the engagements through the roof. From this graphic, can you tell who is using video?

Can you guess who is using video content?

It is no surprise to find pages with substantially more ‘likes’ are not getting the same figures for engagement as others who are simply using better, more engaging content.

At InAwe Digital Media, we can help you create that engaging content. We are specialists in Photography, Aerial Photography, Videography and Aerial Videography.

With professionally produced video content you can help drive the success of your business, creating engagement. When you think of the word ‘viral’, what type of content do you have in your head? Is it Voice? A Picture? Written word? Chances are you’re thinking ‘Viral Video’, such as Gangnam Style, or more recently the Baby Shark Video.

People are much more likely to click to share a video, as they already feel immersed in the content. We have seen some business try to replicate the video phenomenon, by creating slideshows of their current photographs, and real estate agents are particularly taking on this approach. But ask yourself, “Is a slideshow of still photographs the best, most engaging content?” (and I am certainly not wailing on photographs, as there should most definitely be a blend of the two) or would a professionally produced video showcase your business much better?

Feel free to contact us to see how we can help with your social media engagement.