Its impossible to ignore the increasing use of aerial drones in a wide range of fields, including for drone roof inspection, from photography, leisure and search and rescue drones. Here we aim to look at the benefits that UAV technology can bring to the roof maintenance industry.

Drone Roof Inspection of a client’s broken chimney pot

The main application of drones in the roof maintenance industry is to use the UAV to conduct a drone roof inspection. Previously, the only option to inspect a failing roof would be to send a human up to visually identify damage. This is not only a danger risk to the human but could also cause more damage to the roof itself by clambering over broken shingles or loose tiles.


For the higher rooves, you are also at the mercy of other local businesses and the client’s schedule as erecting scaffolding and ladder to reach a roof can often be a major inconvenience and sometime require weeks of planning. All the time, the roof could be leaking and causing internal damage.


In the past you would require expensive equipment to mitigate the safety risk of the human worker, and with UAV technology you can use drones to minimise both risk and cost.


A drone can reach places where humans either could not or would not like to, making endless Health & Safety forms a thing of the past. You will also achieve better views of the potential repair job as modern HD video and image technology allows you to pinpoint specific areas with incredible accuracy.

Surveying mobile phone mast on Warbreck Water Tower, Blackpool


Carrying out a drone roof inspection is certainly more reliable that a human balancing on a ladder with one hand and a camera in the other. Drones can record still photography and aerial video which can then be inspected from the comfort of your office or on a laptop, and you can even include the data with your client pack to visually represent the repair work to be carried out.


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