The majority of the UAV community was tuned in the BBC Dragons Den tonight to watch Drone Safe Register attempt to secure funding. Mark Boyt went in looking for £50,000 for 20% of his business. Mark openly admitted that his speciality wasn’t with the particular of business, but instead lay with flying drones.

After a very short pitch to the Dragons with what I can only describe as questionable maths, 3 dragons entered a bidding race to secure a portion of the Drone Safe Register website. After some questioning, it was shown that the largest sector for Drone Safe Register was aerial surveying closely followed by real estate aerial photography.

Nadir (top down) aerial photograph of Blackpool’s Central Pier

Peter Jones bided his time and allowed the other Dragons to make their offers, before stating to Mark his knowledge of the drone industry, even claiming to be the party responsible for DJI Drones being in the UK. Mark from Drone Safe Register appeared to have come in with one Dragon on his mind, and even though Peter Jones wanted a much larger piece of the business for his investment, he was very keen to go with Peter after some bargaining.

Peter secured 40% of the Drone Safe Register for £50,000. Immediately following the show airing on the BBC their website crashed, and as of yet is still not available to view. Other similar sites such as Approved Drone Pilots have reported that their sites are running slowly due to increased traffic, presumably people looking to book a drone for their surveying or photography needs.

Approved Drone Pilots – Booking CAA Approved UAV Operators

Who knows what this will hold for the UAV industry and the CAA Approved Drone Pilots within it. Certainly for DSR it looks as though they will soon be introducing commission fees on top of their subscription fees, but they could potentially corner the aerial market.

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