Aerial Photography Inspection

The use of drones for aerial photography inspection has proved itself to be a fantastic technological development. The drone can reach heights and take inspection photos with a much reduced risk to safety.
With the current law being that you must be further 50 metres away from any building not under your control it really does give great scope to get really close to the infrastructure under inspection and take the aerial photograph you need. With the recent improvement in drone inspection technology you can get amazingly clear visual data including photographs and thermal imaging data.

Aerial Inspection of Warbreck Water Tower, Blackpool

This can save risk, money and manpower by using drones for your inspection rather than sending one of your highly qualified employees to various sites to climb high places attached to ropes to inspect the infrastructure. Instead you can keep your employees on the ground and your skilled inspection operator can spend more time processing the close visual inspection data to make critical engineering decisions.
When choosing a drone inspection company you need to make sure that you are not putting any person, building, infrastructure or livestock into danger. You will need to choose a CAA authorised drone pilot who values safety above all. You need a UAV operator who would be willing to make difficult calls on safety because to get the best close visual data the drone will need to get as close as possible.
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