360 for Real Estate Agents

Many estate agents are unaware of the benefits that estate agent 360 photography service can bring to their business. Would be buyers or tenants can view a house digitally online before they need to book a viewing. This can allow them to focus on selling houses. The 360 house tour gives a preview and whilst an in life viewing will always be the way, estate agents can cut costs and maximise sales whilst providing a great 360 photography service to their clients.

The 360 photography house tour is hosted online and embedded or linked directly from the estate agents website. Viewer can measure distances on the viewer to check if the sofa will fit in and then make contact with the estate agent to book a live viewing with a higher conversion rate, alike being the 2nd viewing.

The viewer works like google street view with waypoints and can even be blended with 3D floor plans for extra accuracy. This can enhance your property portfolio and improve customer service.
This fully immersive experience can boost sales and increase conversion rates in the real estate sector. Life is 360 and your business should be too.

Take a look at an example 360 photography house tour